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Subject: Posting by Chris Pearce
10th Oct, 2007 at 4:38pm
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e: Martin Randle ( 
Date: Mon 08 Oct 2007 20:57:59 BST
Subject: Posting by Chris Pearce
what a great read Chris's posting is, and what a memory recall he has. I challenge all who read it not to marvel - and to respond.
Chris, I remember the only milk we had in 68/69 was tinned Carnation - which we mixed prior to use. The Phoenix and Tiger beer from Singapore, was the only beer i've drunk that gave me alchoholic poisoning - I put it down at the time to 'sweat rash'!!
The tortoise were still in residence down a Chaland when we were there (pics on the site prove this); it was rumoured that Napolean would have been aquainted with them due to their age?
I can confirm the RN Hospital of the day was extremely proffesional (our No.2 son was born there). Would that the NHS of to-day could match their standards - MRSA! what's that then?
Many thanks for you post Chris - any chance you can turn up the recipe for those Chilli Cakes.
By the way, we still have a couple of those wooden bases in the shape of the Island, ours made into coffee tables.
Kind regards,
Chris and Mart


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