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I Love HMS Mauritius

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Hi to all
17th Mar, 2008 at 7:45pm
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Cool  I joined HMS Mauritius in November 1966 and left in May 1968.  Was REM and worked at Bigara TX Station most of time but some time watchkeeping in TARE and day staff in EMR.  It was my best time whilst in the Navy...working in Paradise and getting paid for it!!
I recognise a couple of friends from the Gallery photos; John Coward whom I later met up with again on PO's course in Collingwood.  Also recognise good friends at time Paul Duncan-Jones and his wife Denise; actually made a meal for them once (family recipe) but left out vital ingredient.....didn't do that again!!
I drove a white Rover 90 that I bought from a guy called Geoff Streeter who was shortly going home. It was the first car I ever drove and I managed to park it on top of one of the stone bollards outside the comcen compound fence.....took quite a while to get it off!!  I managed to knock down a couple of the locals whilst driving thru the golf course one dark night...they were wearing dark clothing and I didn't see them (well that's my excuse)!  Took them to our hospital where they stayed overnight but they weren't hurt too bad; car had big dent in bonnet though!  Had to go to court in Curepipe where I was fined 600 Rupees, which reminds me....I must get round to paying it some time soon!
Remember the trouble with locals killing each other and us having to go on the streets with SLR's and real bullets....Scary!!  KSLI came out to sort of them loosed off round in one of the accommodation huts whilst cleaning his rifle...glad he was on our side!!
Anyone remember the Independance celebrations and the mini-moke competition that we won..having to change all wheels over!
I remember all the parties we used to have in the Junior Rates mess. I distinctly remember the "Tramps Ball" we had there.
Came home on my 20th birthday and needless to say the rum was flowing freely; was concerned that I wouldn't get on the "Silver Bird" but the Jossman made sure I was on the bus.  I'm sure he knew I hadn't paid the court fine...he had that evil look in his eye!!  Anyway made it all the way home none the worse for wear!
Left Navy in 1978 and worked for BT and got married.  Left BT and got divorced.  Now living in Telford and work for Army and got married again.  Looking forward to retirement next year (61) and hopefully travelling around.  Planning retirement trip to USA, driving from New York to Los Angeles....taking at least a couple of months!  Would like to go back to Mauritius again but might get locked up by local police for non-payment of fine!  Real reason too many tourists now...not the empty idyllic beaches of our day.
This site has certainly brought back a whole heap of memories..all good!!
If anyone remembers me, would like to hear from you.

Will have to dig out photos and post some up.
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