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I Love HMS Mauritius

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13th Jun, 2008 at 11:57am
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Just logging in as per joining instructions!!  Phew - just been reading the messages already posted, taken me ages!!   

My name is Ann McGrath (nee Dodd) and I served as a Leading Wren there 1972/1973 and have fond memories of the island, unlike some of the former school children!!  Do you know what noisy nuisances some of you were to us trying to have a peaceful break at the Beach Club?

Remember Bill Bailey from his tour as Beach Club Manager. 

Don't forget the Reunion, here in Chester, in October this year.  Charlie Chase is already logged on this site - he is the administrator of the Mauritius Veterens site, and can send you an invite to join.  Sounds like some of your former 'children' could do with meeting up?  Still plenty of spaces for the 'Do'.

Best wishes, Ann Grin
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