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Were you my Best Man?
23rd Nov, 2008 at 3:46pm
I flew out to Mauritius from Jufair (Bahrain) in January 1968 to get married. My best man was an RO at the Comcen who I only knew from being the on other end of the line. A state of emergency was declared two days before the wedding and, as the Beach Club was commandeered (by the Gloucesters ?) we had to switch honeymoon to the Chaland Hotel, now the Shandrani. I flew out a few days later, leaving my wife Annick behind until she was given a seat to Gan and from there to Bahrain. With all the excitement I was never again able to contact my best Man and would like to now, if only for a belated thanks.

If you're out there give us a shout.

Rob Manton

Rob Manton&&Tombeau 1964 - 1965&&& again 1973 - 1974
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