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9th Oct, 2011 at 2:01pm
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the next HMS Mauritius reunion will be at Portsmouth on the 13th October 2012

it will be a special reunion because it will be 50 yrs since the Mauritius Wireless Station was commissioned as HMS Mauritius.

it will be onboard the 'HMS WARRIOR 1860' at Portsmouth

this will be our 5th Reunion

If you would like to attend, and would like more details please e-mail me, click --->

In your e-mail please supply some detail about yourself.  Your Rate at HMS.  If not of the Comms Branch - your Place of Work.  
The Month and Year of Joining and Leaving HMS.  Did you have a nickname at HMS that you would be better remembered by ?  
And, if you are a lady, the surname that you have now and the surname that you would be remembered by at HMS.

Please tell me that you found my address at Chris & Mart's website.

If you would like to bring someone along with you - please supply some detail.

Regards to All
Robert H Chase   REM1 'Charlie' Chase at HMS Nov 73 to Nov 74  watchkeeping in the Comcen, Systems


REM1 'Charlie' Chase - Comcen, Systems - Nov 73 to Nov 74 ... There is another HMS Mauritius website - 'The M.V. Mauritius Veterans' - a 'private' site, please contact me for details.
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