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GZC/GXO - from a MN Spark's perspective
14th Apr, 2012 at 9:40pm
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My only connection with HMS Mauritius was via the ether.

I was a Merchant Navy R/O from '65 - '71.

The Area Scheme was a mixed blessing for us.
Because of it, most British MN ships had only low-powered (100W) HF Tx's.
This put us at a severe disadvantage in competing with foreign flag ships with a kW.
However it was a godsend for getting/clearing TFC to/from UK/Commonwealth.

Many an hour was spent calling GXO, usually fruitlessly!
I know I will get shot at here but GXO was widely considered the worst Area Stn to contact,
the Morse was generally appalling.
We weren't supposed to call Supplementary Receiving stns directly but we would pray that our calls to GXO would be answered by the Aussie Naval stn at Darwin (VHM) that used the same freq's.
Best operators, second only to Portishead.  
Anyway I have my tin hat on!

Endless TFC lists from GZC that had to be copied in full from your tape bcsts.
(A hark back to even more primitive days when some ships only had MF and needed TFC QSP-ing).

As MN R/Os we had little idea how the RN stns worked, all we knew was that somehow the TFC ended up at some mysterious place called "Whitehall Wireless" and thence to Portishead Radio.

The site & forum make interesting reading but most of the acronyms (eg Tare?) mean nothing to me.

Some details on the technical side would be useful. Like Tx & Ae info.
Did GZC really bcst on 123kc/s LF? I don't remember ever QSX-ing that one.

Anyway - perhaps some of my questions will be answered by your members!


Bruce GW4XXF
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Re: GZC/GXO - from a MN Spark's perspective
Reply #1 - 17th Apr, 2012 at 11:10am
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Come on you guys give Bruce a 'shout' and fill in the techie bits he's missing!  As for his comments on ship-shore communication being appalling - perhaps one of you LEP's (locally employed personell to you Bruce) would like to respond! . . . . .
Thanks for your post Bruce, keep your tin hat on plus flack jacket. Grin  Martin.

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