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29th Oct, 2014 at 2:12pm
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My father was seconded from the army to the Special Mobile Force from
1963-65 and so being 13 at the time I went to the Royal Navy school at
vacoas. Lft Cmr.Robertson was the headmaster at the time and my best friend ever was Iain Cobb,son of Lft.Cdr.Cobb. Other pupils were 'Fergie'
Ferguson (groan), Tregaskis et al.
It was at the time when the Coldstream Guards came to the island we had
a navy rating attending the youth club one evening with his sterling smg
because of some local unrest. Mum and dad were involved with Admiralty
Club had regular outings to beaches with both civil service and SMF staff.
We were given an alsatian puppy by the police to look after until it
became of age.
We had a brilliant time there and I only caned once for bunking off to
Le Chalon for a week when my Iain broke his leg in the pool.
Once or twice I went out with the SMF on night patrol and collected lots
of rupees odd jobbing for the scouts
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